We could provide examples of hundreds of circumstances where you would need our services. We understand that it is important that you know that you can count on us in Barcelona and all of Catalonia.

By way of example, therefore, here are 8 real situations that define who we are:

An emergency: We collected a package about the size of a matchbox from a business located in a Barcelona industrial park and deleivered it to the town of Manlleu. Production had completely stopped until this package containing a tiny but important machine part was delivered.

A moment of absentmindedness: A gentleman in Berga notified us that he had been in Barcelona on business that morning and that after he had returned to Berga that afternoon he realized he had left accounts receivable documents in a restaurant in the city. A moment of absentmindeness: something that happens to all of us.

A need: A family in Tortosa had everything prepared for a birthday meal for grandmother. The only problem was that they forgot to coordinate who in the family was going to collect her from Barcelona, and now there was not enough time to go to the city and back. Taxi Barcelona accompanied the lady to the restaurant.

A commitment: A business in Cervera asked us to collect a client from the Barcelona airport. The instructions were to bill the business directly rather than charge him.

An urgent situation: Our client had to collect a package from a business but he did not have enough time to get there before it closed at 2 pm. Taxi Barcelona was urgently dispatched to the business, collected the package and delivered it to the client.

A contingency: A repair-shop in Mataro made an urgent request for delivery of a car part for a customer who had appeared at the shop demanding his car - now!

A whim: Taxi Barcelona collected from an art gallery that did not have a parcel delivery service a delicate piece of artwork that had been gift-wrapped for someone in Tosa de Mar. In spite of its light weight, the work was of considerable dimensions, which required a taxi minivan.

There are hundreds of other circumstances in which Taxi Barcelona can offer the fastest and most efficient solution. A commitment, forgetfulness, oversight, a need, an urgent situation, an emergency or even a whim. You can call Taxi Barcelona for anything and know that we will send out the appropriate vehicle: a luxury cab, a minivan... We serve the Barcelona metropolitan area and the rest of Catalonia.

tel. +34 600 418 254

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